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(BA-4842) Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern Rock T-Shirt

Brand/Tag: Winterland
Type: Tee Shirt
Recommended Size (Asian): M
Measurement: Pit-to-pit: 20.5", Top-to-bottom: 27"
Color: Grey?
Decoration: Front: YES, Back: NO
Condition: 85% (Pre-owned, ©2004 Fly On Inc... )
Price: RM
Unit: -
Status: SOLD
Info: Lynyrd Skynyrd is an American rock band best known for popularizing the southern hard-rock genre during the 1970s. Originally formed in 1964 as the "Noble Five" in Jacksonville, Florida, the band rose to worldwide recognition on the basis of its driving live performances and signature tunes "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Free Bird."