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(BA-5101) BOY LONDON Zip-Up Hoodie Windbreaker Jacket

Type: Zip-Up Hooded Windbreaker Jacket
Recommended Size (Asian): M
Measurement: Pit-to-pit: 22.5", Top-to-bottom: 25"
Color: Green
Decoration: Front: YES, Back: NO
Condition: 80% (Pre-owned, sedikit warna luntur di poket depan kiri & bahagian hujung lengan kanan... )
Price: RM
Unit: -
Status: SOLD
Info: Created in 1976, Boy London is an iconic British institution. Internationally recognised and often imitated, it remains the leader of the most influential style trends. From Punks and New Romantics, to club kids and fashionistas, Andy Warhol to Boy George, The Pet Shop Boys to Madonna, everybody has worn Boy. Now adopted by a whole new generation, the attitude of Boy, as well as its position at the cutting edge of youth culture, remains as strong as ever.
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