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(BA-4332) Rip Curl Beanie Hat

Brand/Tag: Rip Curl
Type: Beanie Hat
Size: One Size Fits All
Measurement: -
Color: Red
Decoration: Front: YES, Back: YES
Condition: 90% (Pre-owned... )
Price: RM
Unit: -
Status: SOLD
Info: Rip Curl is a major Australian manufacturer and retailer of surfing sportswear (also known as boardwear.) The company was founded in 1969 by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in Torquay, Victoria, Australia and initially produced surfboards. In 1970, they decided to begin production of wetsuits, with emphasis on transforming diving technology into a wetsuit suitable for surfing. Rip Curl has become one of the largest boardwear brands in Australia, Europe and South America and is also active in North America and South Africa.
Link: Official Site / Wikipedia